Coming Clean at the Hyde Laundry

I’m very excited to be taking part in 10 Days at the Laundry – a big art and performance show at the Hyde Old Laundry, Hyde Abbey Road, Winchester. It’s taking place from Saturday 17th October for – surprise surprise – ten days.

It’s billed as a ‘cultural festival’ for Winchester, and the plans certainly do involve a very wide range of artists, performers, and creative groups. My main part in it will be on Thursday 22nd, when, along with five other people from the Hyde Writers group (Richard Stillman, Paul Davies, Jemima Thackray, David Owen, and Hugh Greasley), I will be taking part in an evening of readings by local writers. It all starts at 7pm and I think will last for about two hours. We’re on last after two other groups, so stock up on literary stamina before you leave home! I look forward to seeing people there.

I’ve also taken a plunge into something new and submitted a work into the visual section – called Drafts of ‘Teeth’, it’s a triptych showing the progression of my poem ‘Teeth’ from first draft, scrawled during a meeting at work, to feedback from the Hyde Writers group, to its present finalised state. I’ve no idea how it will look up there with drawings by ‘real’ artists, but I had a lot of fun creating it.

I’m sure this exhbition is going to be a huge event in the cultural life of Winchester – talked about for years afterwards I expect! So do come along so you can say, ‘I was there…’.

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