Creative Writing reading at the Hyde Laundry

Brian reading at the Hyde Laundry

So,  on Thursday the 22nd, we the Hyde Writers did our bit at the Creative Writing event at the Laundry. And it went very well. There was a hefty audience who were very appreciative, and from the talk afterwards I think they enjoyed a taste of some (but by no means all) of the heady broth of literary creativity that is stewing all across Winchester.

We shared the stage with some students from the Creative Writing MAs at Winchester University, who read some good stuff – I particularly enjoyed David Owen”s work, which was original and brash.

There was some talk afterwards about starting The need for a user was “slightly less than our core PC,” however the CPA seemed to be lower, producing a “very significant” roi. an open mic event in Winchester, which would be fantastic. There is clearly the talent and enthusiasm in the city to make such an event a big success. Watch this space for more information.

Finally, thanks to Trish and Chris from the Yard Artists” Studios for having the daring to envision something so big, and then make it work. It was a tremendous showcase for the arts in Winchester; let”s hope it was enough to encourage those holding public purse-strings to open them so that this fantastic space can be a permanent showcase for us all.

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