New Discovery Centre Workshops! (adults and children)

I’m delighted to have more Workshops to announce for the new year – not just at Winchester Discovery Centre, but also at Gosport too for the first time. As usual I’m doing a mixture of poetry days for adults, and general writing days for youngsters.

In January, first of all there’s another day in Winchester on using form of various kinds. As you’ll know if you’ve been taught by me, I’m a big believer in how useful form is for a poet: how much it helps you to strengthen and expand your ideas, as well as making the poem work on the reader more strongly. The ‘Rules of Poetry’ workshop back in May was great, and everyone there seemed to get a lot out of it, but it was only enough time to scratch the surface of what form can be. So this will be a kind of follow-up, but also a free-standing session on its own if you didn’t come to the one last year. It’s called ‘More Rules of Poetry’ and will be on 22nd Jan.

Then the following Saturday, 29th January, I’ll be doing another Writing Love Poetry session, after the one that ran very successfully before Valentine’s Day last year in Winchester – but this time it’s in¬†Gosport. This will be a chance for poets of all levels of experience to spend a day exploring different ways to write about this very popular and inspiring subject.

Then in February it’s over to the children: I have two more Writing Days in half term, the first on the Monday (21st Feb) in Winchester, followed on the Tuesday (22nd Feb) by Gosport. In Winchester the theme is the Romans, connecting with the exhibition on the Forgotten Emperor; in Gosport it will be all about Where I Live, taking inspiration from an exhibition in the Gosport Gallery of postcards of the local area.

And in March it’s back to adults again. First of all, on World Book Day (3rd March), there is a Literary Cafe at Gosport which I will be hosting: no teaching this time, but a chance to share your poetry and short fiction with an appreciative audience. Then on Saturday 26th March in Winchester, I will be running a day on innovative ways to write poetry: called Reuse, Reduce, Renew: Poetry Recycling, it will be all an exploration of less common ways to think about creativity, and should be an eye-opener as well as being a lot of fun.

Full details are on my Adult Teaching and Children’s Teaching pages. Please email me if you have any questions, and I hope to see you there!

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