Write me a river… or a sea, ocean, droplet: Poetic Flow poetry workshop, Winchester

Winchester Discovery Centre, Saturday 23rd March, 10am-4pm, £25 (£22.50 concessions)

I love water. I love watching it, I quite like swimming in it, and I very much like that you can make it into tea. And, ever since as a teen I read Larkin’s ‘Water’, I’ve been interested in how water can work in poetry. How poets use it as symbol or setting, how many ways there are of approaching it as a theme, how they get their poems to feel ‘wet’. So when Winchester Discovery Centre asked me to do a workshop on 23rd March, and I found out that March 22nd is World Water Day, my choice was clear: Poetic Flow, a workshop on the poetry of water.

If you come along, we’ll look at how other poets write about water, your own experiences of watery places and watery moments, different ways to approach writing poems about it, and how to get ‘wateriness’ into the waves and flow of your poems. I also quite fancy bringing in some of the environmental and political issues of World Water Day and the International Year of Water Co-operation. So I should think we’ll do a bit of political and ecological writing on the topic too.

Booking is through Winchester Discovery Centre: click here or call 01962 873603. The work will be suitable for both new and experienced poets. The day runs from 10am to 4pm; there is a cafe at the DC but you’re welcome to bring your own lunch. If you’d like any more information, please use the Contact link above to email me. I hope to see you there.


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