So, you want to make your fiction hook readers, agents, and editors?


The Fizz For Your Fiction online course will show you how to do just that!

By learning and using a few simple language skills from poetry, you can engage your readers more deeply through:

Sharper Characterization;
Adding Impact to Action;
Creating Description that’s meaningful and evocative;
Conveying Key Moments with more power; and
Writing Prose that’s to die for!

Does Your Fiction Need A Little Help?

Maybe you’ve been writing fiction for a while, and you’re pretty good with the essentials of making characters, telling stories, writing dialogue, and so on.

But somehow your writing seems to lack sparkle:

  • Your scenes read clunkily: it’s just so hard to get across exactly what you want to say.
  • Your good ideas don’t come across with the energy that you’d like.
  • Your stories don’t excite readers the way you want.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to take your fiction toolset to the next level.

Fizz For Your Fiction can help!

You can add special surprise ingredients by borrowing some of the age-old secrets of poetry, to make your prose stellar not snooze.

Now wait a minute—what does poetry have to do with writing better fiction?!?

Good question! Let me explain.

To write truly great prose, you’ve got to know how to make language work for you—and how to make your language fit exactly what you’re trying to say. No-one knows that stuff better than poets, because they focus so closely on every single word. So learning skills from poetry is the perfect way for you to learn how to craft prose that sparkles!

Fizz For Your Fiction will show you how you can do that.

Do you mean I have to actually write poetry on this course?!?!?


This is not a course about writing poetry. We will look at a few poems, but only to see what you can learn from them for your fiction. Fizz For Your Fiction is about writing better fiction, and all the exercises and discussions will be focused on fiction.

OK, so how can poetry skills help me create better characterization, description, action, even dialogue?

Another good question! (You're really firing them in today!)

The best fiction writers choose their language so that it has just the right details, the right meanings, the right balance of showing and telling , even the right sounds—all in the least words possible. These are all skills that poetry can teach you! By following the steps in Fizz For Your Fiction, you can develop your skills of selection, concision, and editing, to help make your fiction ever more powerful.

Who Is This Course For?

THE DEDICATED FICTION WRITER who says: “I Want To Do All I Can To Boost My Fiction!”

You are interested in anything that improves your fiction skills. You want to write prose that readers drool over and return to again and again. You want to learn how you can convey characters. actions, settings, and more, with power. Perhaps you’re also interested in what you can learn from poetry about creativity and the drafting process.

Fizz For Your Fiction will teach you the secrets of poetic language and creation so that you can apply them brilliantly to your fiction.

This Course is NOT for you If:

 You want to write poetry. This course deals only with prose and fiction. However, future courses will teach you how to write poetry—please sign up for emails if you’d like to know more!

You are just starting out writing fiction. This course will NOT teach you the basics of how to make characters, plots, settings, etc. If you’re at that stage, consider taking one of the many Introduction to Fiction courses that are available.

So What's in Fizz for Your Fiction?

Unit 1: Set for Success

Practice crucial attitudes and approaches to get the most from the course.

Unit 2: Words that Wow

Make vivid scenes that wow your readers with strong word choices.

Unit 3: Unlocking Comparisons

Impress and engage with pro similes and metaphors that layer meaning and increase impact.

Unit 4: Words, Sound, Action!

Add drama and vigor to your action by making word sounds work for you.

Unit 5: Mood Makers

Harness the power of vowels to bring readers deep into mood and atmosphere.

Unit 6: The Sentence Got Rhythm

Warm up your sentence samba muscles to intensify narrative and sweep readers along.

Unit 7: The Paydirt’s In The Details

Draft like a poet to find the few key details that say everything you could want.

Unit 8: The Limits Set You Free

Unleash your creativity and add energy and fun to your drafting with creative constraints.

Unit 9: Finishing Strong

Consolidate what you’ve learned and plan how you’ll use and grow your skills from here on out.

Throughout: Feedback and Support

The best way to learn writing is to get feedback on what you’ve written. That’s why in the Full and VIP options I’ve included many opportunities for you to share your work and ideas and get feedback. I’ll be with you every step of the way!

OK... But why should I trust you to teach me this stuff?

Because creative writing is so personal, it’s vital to be able to trust the person who’s teaching you. And you can absolutely trust me. I’ve been teaching fiction since 2005, and over that time, I’ve taught more than 500 writers. That’s everyone from first-time writers, to graduate students, to published authors. I’m totally passionate about helping everyone to learn to write better and enjoy their writing more. And I’ve always had great feedback from my students.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some comments from people who have worked with me:

I’ve been thrilled with Brian as a teacher and with the results I’ve achieved in my writing. His knowledge of literature and poetry is exceptional and his activities stimulate me to think as a writer. Best of all is his feedback, which is always on target and without criticism. When I incorporate his suggestions into my work, it has always made the story better, giving me the motivation to continue the work. I can’t recommend his class highly enough.

Susan M.

Susan Morse

Photograph by Ralph Morang

Brian is an exceptional writer and a very talented and supportive teacher. His extensive understanding of the creative process allows students to reach their full potential. He approaches each topic from a variety of angles to make sure each concept and idea is understood, and his feedback is insightful and detailed. His creative prompts are exceptional and serve to inspire new work and foster creativity.

Zoe M.


Brian is an astute, tremendously helpful, and encouraging teacher of fiction. He is also a real artist as a teacher. His perceptiveness and sensibilities, his expertise, and his advice have all spoken clearly and relevantly to my own purpose as a fiction writer.

Anne M.

Anne Mackin cropped

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Always! You will never be unenrolled from this course (unless you choose to). So it will always be there as a resource for you.

Will I get access to all the course material from the start?

You will get access to everything right away. That way, you can jump to parts that interest you most, if you want to—personally, I think it works best if you do it in order, but you don’t have to!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I want you to be sure that this course is right for you, so if after a look around you decide the course is not for you, that’s fine! Contact me within the first 15 days after you enroll, and you’ll get a 100% refund. Guaranteed!


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