“Under The Bridge, A River” appeared in the Deep Water poetry column of the Maine Sunday Telegraph, February 2020.

“Holding Hands” and “My Lost Youth” appeared in Outlook Springs, October 2018.

“The 1901 World Series”, “For Real”, “I Want You To Invite Me To Everything Ever”, “An Ox And A House”, and “Walking In New England Woods, I Am Happy” were published on the Poets u0026amp; Writers website after winning the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award, May 2017.

“Sea City Museum” and “River Tidings” appeared in The Cafe Review, Winter 2016.

“The Internet Has Left Us” was in Stoneboat Literary Journal,  Fall 2015.

“Well-Traveled Brownies” was featured on the Silver Birch Press blog, October 2015.

Three poems were featured in 10 Days: Creative Collisions art festival, Winchester, U.K., October 2013.

“The Makers’ Hands” was published in the ebook Making StoriesFall 2012.

“Imogen Plays Outside” was shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize in 2012.

“Thresholds” was a runner-up in the 2012 Virginia Warbey competition. “The Usual Dance” was also shortlisted.

Five Hampshire Laureate poems were published by Hampshire County Council from March to December 2012.

6 poems appear in the charity anthology Guided By Surprise, November 2011.

A poem from the 20:20 project appeared in a Poetry Snapshot Special on Joanna Ezekiel’s blog in October 2011.

“Babies’ Happiness” is in Word Gumbo 3, October 2011.

“Black Day” was shortlisted in the 2011 Virginia Warbey competition.

“Incoming Tide” was selected to accompany images in the Land Sea Sky exhibition (2011), Winchester Discovery Centre.

“Aelfred Speaks” is in the anthology Inspired by Hyde, Summer 2010

5 poems appeared in the Winchester anthology Coming Clean, November 2009.

“The Cliffs At Eastbourne” and “Melt” were in Enigma Magazine 4 , Spring 2010.

“The Poetry Dance” and “A Room Filled With Students Hard At Work is Beautiful” were in Enigma Magazine 2 , Summer 2009.

“Models” first appeared in Avocado Magazine in May 2003 and was republished in October 2012 on And Other Poems.