School Visits

Why bring a writer into your school?

Because a visit from a working writer can transform how students see writing, creativity, and their other subjects too.

Research by NAWE, The Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group and The Write Team shows that a writer’s visit can increase pupils’ confidence and achievement in writing, as well as their interest in reading. It can also boost their general creativity and confidence in themselves. As NAWE say: “This research has confirmed what proponents of writers-in-schools work have claimed all along – that it’s undeniably a good thing“.

From my own experience as a Writer in Schools, I wholeheartedly agree.

I have been privileged to teach pupils from the ages of 4 to 19, and I have seen them all benefit hugely from learning to ‘think like a writer’ and ‘write like a writer’.  I believe that the chance to foster an early love of writing, and a belief in every child that “I can do it”, is a special opportunity. I also believe that poetry and creative writing can enhance the study of virtually other subject, through helping students make leaps of understanding and expression that apply as much to science, history, or mathematics, as to literature.


What I Do

I run fun, practical, and hands-on writing sessions, which help children and young people learn that they can write creatively, write well, and enjoy writing.

Along the way I teach important skills for freeing up creativity and improving all their writing, not just poetry or fiction.

Above all, I am passionate about getting children and young people not just writing, but excited about writing. I believe that every student can create writing that is original,  rewarding to write, and a source of pride.

Why choose me?
  • I have worked outstandingly with students of all ages, from pre-K to high school.
  • I make poetry and writing fun, accessible, and engaging
  • I have inspired and engaged students of all abilities and backgrounds, from low-achievers to Gifted u0026amp; Talented
  • I teach pupils long-lasting skills for writing and creativity
  • My life-long interest in the connections between STEM subjects and writing puts me in an ideal position to work on STEAM projects,

Me at Noadswood 2012

Like to know more?

Please get in touch to see what I could do for your school. I am happy to bring my own theme, or create a day to meet your own priorities. I can also judge competitions, choose a school Laureate, or even make a unique School Poem using the pupils’ own words.

Please have a look at the teacher comments below to see what others have thought, and you might also like to click here to have a look at my most recent schools blog posts.

My prices start at $275 for a half day (2-2.5 hours teaching time) and $450 for a full day (4-5 hours), plus travel costs.

Comments from Schools

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and created some beautiful poetry. One of the children was quoted as saying ‘I didn’t really get poetry until today.’ The teaching staff present were given a bank of really good ideas… I would very much recommend Brian as a visiting poet.” Liphook Junior School

“Our students really enjoyed working with Brian and (much to the delight of their teachers) remained engaged and focused throughout. With his guidance and support, our students discovered that poetry is ‘not just for other people’; it is for everyone including them. We were delighted with the end results as every student produced a piece of work they were able to take pride in – many surprised themselves with their abilities!” Park Community School, Leigh Park

“As a school with many keen creative writers, we were thrilled to find someone who had the vision and skill to inspire. Brian offered a session to our most gifted writers, taking them from the first stages of transferring sensations to words to playing with form and structure. The atmosphere during the workshop was truly electric as pupils found new insights and voices. We will certainly be inviting Brian back again!” St. Swithun’s School, Winchester

“Brian prepared excellent resources for both sessions, liaising closely with me ahead of coming into the school in order to ensure that the materials and content of his talks were pitched at the right level. He had a natural rapport with the children who thoroughly enjoyed their sessions and were engaged throughout. I was extremely pleased with Brian’s input and the pupils went on to produce some top quality work.” Daneshill Prep School

“Fantastic feedback from both staff and children… You had a superb manner with the children and they all produced some excellent poetry. We would love to have you back.’ Wootey Junior School

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