Next poetry workshop at Winchester Discovery Centre

Learn the “Rules” of Poetry Writing

Winchester Discovery Centre, Saturday 26th May

10am-4pm, £25 (£18.50 concessions)

As a person and as a poet, I like to try things out: exploring new places, learning about new ideas, trying out a new approach in a poem. But sometimes it”s good to go back to the tried and tested: things that you know you will enjoy, that will work, that will be good. That”s the way poetic form works for me: I know that, by going back to that age-old tussle between what I “want” to say, and what a particular form pushes me into saying, I will give my poem more power and edge.

So for my next workshop at Winchester Discovery Centre, I am going back: back to teaching form, and back to a workshop that I ran there with great success two years ago. Learn the Rules is a day devoted to covering australian casinos online as much of the topic of form in poetry as I can fit into a single day. It will cover traditional rhyme and metre, but also less well-known ways of shaping and honing which you might find just as useful. And don”t be put off by the “Rules” in the title: while I will be explaining what the rules are, I will be showing you how to take a flexible approach to them, making sure that they are working for you, not dominating you.

I strongly believe that form can help any poet strengthen their ideas and write better poems, so I hope that you will join me on the 26th. The day is ideally suited to anyone from complete beginners, to those who don”t feel they fully “get” form yet, to poets who”ve been using traditional forms for a while but would like to learn about other kinds. If you have any questions about whether it”s suitable for you, please email me.

Booking is via Winchester Discovery Centre Online Box Office, or call 01962 873603. Or call in person at the Discovery Centre.

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