Making Characters for Fiction

Making Characters for Fiction

Winchester Discovery Centre, Saturday 14th July

10am – 4pm, £25 (£18.50 concessions)


After my Flash Fiction day in December, Winchester Discovery Centre asked me to do another day on fiction in their current brochure. So on Saturday 14th, I will be looking at what I believe is the fundamental skill for fiction writers: making good characters. If you’ve got them, then you can make a story that grips and satisfies; without them, even the best story idea can fall flat.

We’ll be looking at all aspects of character-making, from first thoughts to final plots, based as usual on practical exercises, discussion, reading, and feedback. By the end of the day you will know how to create credible, compelling characters; skills to get them across to your reader; how to integrate character and plot; and how to use your characters to help you create more complete, complex stories. Whether you’re just starting fiction or have been writing for a while, I think you will find something here to help you.

Booking is through the Discovery Centre, and do email me if you have questions. I hope to see you there for a masterclass in developing your fiction.


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