Poetry is Essential: presenting at the 2016 NH Arts Education Conference

Just time for a micro-post before my working week ends….

I found out this week that my proposal to run a workshop at the New Hampshire 2016 Statewide Arts Education Partnership Conference was accepted. As a new member of the NH Artists in Education Roster, I was given the chance to pitch an idea for a session. The Conference is a two-day event promoting and enabling all sorts of arts teaching in New Hampshire schools—at least, I think it is; this is my first time going, so I’ll know more afterwards…

What I know for sure is that I’m going to be presenting on the work I did with Poetry of Place as Hampshire Poet 2012-13, back in Hampshire, England. I’ll be talking about how I worked with around 30 schools and other organizations to get students of all ages and abilities writing poems about places that mattered to them. Actually, I mainly won’t be talking: I’ll be guiding participants to write their own poem about a place, and pointing out how they can teach that same process to other students. I hope it will lead to some valuable learning, personal and educational, for anyone who comes.

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